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Bob Hines 79.jpg

Bob Hine's 1979 funny bike. 24" front wheel. Top bar mounted shifters due to low downtube height with bottom bracket mounted rear brakes. Conventional stem. Near straight fork legs and reversed and bull horned Cinelli Mod. 66 bars. Aside from the front wheel size, this bike set a model for what was to come from all manufacturers globally. Note the gearing.  

Gefsco young.jpg

Young Gefsco with an early build

Before the 1990’s if you were an amateur cyclist in Australia you got to take home amazing prizes like steak knife sets, sashes and medals. The other alternative was to turn pro, get yourself “in the chop” and race for money. Geoff’s affinity with steel racing bikes began when he was a professional racing cyclist in New South Wales in the 1970’s. In 1979 Bob Hines, a top Australian cyclist of the era commissioned Geoff to build him a road “funny bike” complete with a 24 inch front wheel and rear brake mounted just behind the bottom bracket, now seen on recent Trek bikes! Bob still has this Geoff Scott built funny bike today, probably the first funny bike ever built in Australia. That was when Geoff started building frames, Geoff told me "I was playing around building frames, a very small quantity of frames, for  myself and close friends, I wasn't interested in frame building at the time." Thanks to Robert Cobcroft for the content.

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